Up Lighting

Highlighting Features

The fixtures are placed at the base of a land- scape object, commonly trees or bushes, and the light spreads upwards to the object, illuminating it. This is the most common technique, as many objects in the landscape will require the accen- tuation of Uplighting. This is the most powerful technique as it strongly highlights objects and draws the eyes to the object.


Path Lighting

Spreading The Light

Path-lighting is a great technique for both func- tionality and aesthetics. This technique spreads light onto lower areas of the landscape. Typically used to illuminate pathways using Pathlights with 360° spread and downward facing fixture. With pathlighting the focus is on drawing the eyes down and accentuating the ground, unlike other techniques where the eyes are drawn upwards.

Deck Lighting Toronto

Deck/ Hardscape Lighting

For Function Or Style

This technique involves the lighting of specif- ic hardscapes like decks or patios. It provides functional lighting down staircases and also illuminates edges of hardscapes where a trip or fall could occur. This technique is generally achieved with specific hardscape fixtures which are either mounted along the wall or recessed into the hardscape.

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