Luxury Home Landscape Lighting
Luxury Home Landscape Lighting


Outdoor Lighting

Apex Outdoor Systems professionally installs high-quality and affordable Outdoor Lighting Systems. What you can expect:

  • We pair high-quality products with creative design.  

  • Our systems are all LED and installed to last.  We want your system to last, that's why we don't cut corners and design with longevity in mind.  

  • We back all of our systems with product warranties and workmanship warranties to ensure you get the most out of your Outdoor Lighting System.

Burlington Landscape Lighting


Outdoor Lighting

Apex Outdoor Systems services all makes and models of outdoor lighting components.  From Bulb/Lamp replacements to replacing transformers, we will make your system operational and looking its best.

Still have halogen bulbs?  Not a problem we can replace those bulbs with LED Lamps and keep your system running smooth for another 50,000 Hours.

Burlington Lighting


Outdoor Lighting

To ensure your system stays healthy and long lasting, we offer Annual Maintenance Plans.  They include:

  • We inspect all components of your system

  • check to make sure the fixtures are pointed and aimed correctly.

  • Fixing any exposed wire or connections.

Annual maintenance can provide you with the peace of mind that your system is 100% operational.  We offer plans that are suitable for freshly installed systems or older systems.


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