Why you should always have a Maintenance Plan

Why you should always have a Maintenance Plan for your Outdoor Lighting System.

Would you ever just buy a car and then never service it?

Hopefully not.

The same is true for your Outdoor Lighting System. It needs proper maintenance in order for it to be operating most effectively.

What needs to be checked?


The Transformer and timer is first and foremost. It is the power hub and controls when the lighting turns on and off. With the timer, especially with Daylight Savings, it is easily off. If you want something that requires little thought, a photocell is the answer. It turns the transformer on and off depending on the daylight - just like your street lights.


The fixtures are next to be checked. Often times they will need adjustments to where they are "pointing" or what they are focused on. They should also be checked for burnt out lamps or "bulbs". My suggestion: Change your lighting to LED if you haven't already. They use considerably less energy and last a lot longer. See the article on Halogen vs LED.

Wiring and Connections

The Wiring is the next thing to be inspected. It should be buried and the connections tight.

The connections help connect all the wire together. Without proper weatherproof connectors there is sure to be a failure along the wire path. Why? Because those "bad" connections will cause a short, or disconnect and that disrupts the whole system (basically the system or part of it won't be operating).

At Apex Outdoor Systems we know that these things matter - which is why we use commercial-grade weatherproof connectors.

Which Maintenance Plan?